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  • April 15, 2010
  • 6 minutes read

MB chairman: MB support Dr.Baradei’s call for Political Reform

MB chairman: MB support Dr.Baradei’s call for Political Reform

In an interesting and candid interview on the satellite channel Dream 2, Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr Mohamed Badie highlighted many issues in an effort to clarify any haziness and doubts with regards to Egypt ‘s largest and most influential opposition bloc.


He called on the media to only cite quotations heard about the MB, from the MB and not to repeat hearsay without evidence. His friendly stance during the interview gave way to many questions which he uninhibitantly answered.


Badie highlighted that the MB main cause is the call for political reform which stipulates free, fair and transparent elections similar to the requests of other opposing bodies. He asserted that the authority’s animosity seems to be targeted at mostly members from the MB with the continued implementing of the much dreaded emergency law which has continued for nearly 30 years. The call for annulling the emergency law was also high on the priorities list


He proudly established that the MB numbers are increasing daily world-wide illustrating the publics’ increased awareness. He emphasized that the MB would not relinquish its quest for political reform however only through peaceful methods.


Questions regarding the MB’s quest for leadership and full authority were cleared when Badie maintained that Egypt ‘s current status needs a leader who is prepared to accept Egypt with all its responsibility and to correct what mistakes have been made.  He ascertained that the MB were prepared to respect the people’s choice for leader citing that the MB were not just a group but rather a group within  a larger group of people. ElBaradei’s emergence into the political arena had been welcomed by many opposition groups and the MB determined that they would support his call for amendments but were still to study his agenda if he were to enter the presidential elections.


Badie’s calm attitude made the interview interesting where he described the days in which he had unjustly spent in prison and his efforts to alleviate the misery from other incarcerated prisoners as well. He explained the misunderstanding that people had of the MB conservative Sayed Qutb who was sentenced to death during Abdul Nasser’s era. He acknowledged much of the misunderstanding of Qutb’s writings and ideologies could be attributed to his methods of writing which was viewed as extremely sophisticated and vivid and sometimes difficult to muster. In fact he affirmed “Qutb was one of the most gentle people I have known and the injustice he has endured through much torture and beatings and ultimately death will for sure contribute to his good deeds”


Badie acknowledged that the MB initiative which has involved convening with other opposition parties and blocs demonstrated that the MB advocated collaboration and support with all who called for reform. He maintained that the MB extended their hands to all groups in an effort to strengthen the opposition.


In response to indifferences within the group Badie claimed that although differences in opinion was only natural there was no fallout internally adding that the group were committed to regulations which they respected and adhered to.