MB Chairman: MB Upholds Ideas of Civil State

MB Chairman: MB Upholds Ideas of Civil State

Dr. Mohamed Badie, MB chairman, stressed that the MB wants a civil state with an Islamic background and the MB is not ahead or behind the Egyptian people, but they are always available in times of hardship.

He gave his speech before thousands of those who participated in the opening of the General Centre of the MB saying: "Every member of the MB, men and women, young men and girls are in the service of their country, not only in Egypt but in the whole world through different committees."

He added that this is a historical moment in which all powers cooperate to reconstruct Egypt and develop it. He called on all powers to work hard in order to protect the revolution and its demands.

He added: "Egypt’s role was absent in the world, but Allah the Almighty brought back its status and the army is playing its role while the Egyptian people, Al-Azhar institution and churches are respected again."

He stated that all Egyptians are proud to be Egyptians after the success of the revolution and the sacrifices of the martyrs.

He called the gathering of representatives of national and political powers in the opening of the MB Centre as a demonstration of love for Egypt.

He told the attendees: “The MB has suffered like the Egyptian people have suffered but we remained steadfast and made Egypt able to play its role.”

Dr. Badie pointed out that the MB is trying to defeat all attempts to distort the image of Islam, Egypt and the MB and Allah has protected Egypt.

He prayed to Allah to complete our happiness by granting the people in Syria, Yemen and Libya victory and to attain their rights.