MB chairman: No deal cut with Army

MB chairman: No deal cut with Army

Dr Mohamed Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood denied allegations of a deal between the group and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) concerning the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

Badie praised the significant role played by the Egyptian armed forces, stressing that they helped to protect the revolution. He warned of any actions to tarnish the amicable relationship between the people and the army spoil.

According to Badie and other opposition, the clashes that took place over the weekend following “The Friday of Cleansing,” appeared to be the work of counter revolutionaries hoping to spoil the achievements of the revolution. He asserted that members of the group’s Shura council had told demonstrators to depart from Tahrir Square by sunset to respect curfew and avoid clashes

He highlighted the significance of the Armed Forces’ role in the revolution’s success asserting he urged the Armed Forces during a meeting to commit to their agenda of transferring power to civilian authority once the transitional period is over.

Regarding the group’s political Freedom and Justice Party Badie confirmed the group will not intervene in the work of the party. He said however it will only intervene in case a party member commits an ethical violation. Ending his statement Badie ascertained that the party will be independent from the group, and will be free to choose a woman or a Christian as chairperson for the party.