MB Chairman: Sacrifice is the first road to victory

MB Chairman: Sacrifice is the first road to victory

In his weekly message titled “Inevitably their plots are doomed to fail”, the Chairman asserted that Allah’s law and history has illustrated that in the people’s continuous struggle victory is shared in turns among the insidious with their malicious plans and the faithful believers. Whenever believers fulfill their covenant with Allah as He fulfills His covenant with them, ultimately He gives them victory.

“It is imperative that we apply our faith and steadfastness in Islam and adhere resolutely to the right path”, he said, adding “we must believe and continually strive with sincerity for Allah the Almighty, whatever the sacrifices and whatever the hardships.

He highlighted that the nation’s top priority is to restore its confidence and eliminate fear of those who plot against them. He indicated that the corrupters’  permanent insistence on corruption, their continuing opposition against those who fight for reform  and their constant reliance on  U.S.-IOF alliance which aims to humiliate the will, impose hegemony, destroy wealth, and demoralize the Muslim youth. He reminded those patient and persevering that the Almighty Allah brings glad tidings as He says “the plotting of such will be void and Allah’s promise is right.


He explained that perseverance and diligence was the way to repel plotters, adding “This is our way… Out of adversity comes opportunity,” and cited Ibn Abbas” but their plots were (well) within the sight of Allah, even though they were not such as to shake the hills”. Hasan al-Basri said “the ones that they have harmed are themselves as they neither cause damage to the mountains nor elsewhere but its evil consequences inflict them”


He denounced the unpardonable Arab silence on the barbaric invasions and attacks on the Aqsa Mosque, the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh on Arab territory before our very eyes, the quelling of all Palestinian actions to express their love for their land and the continuation of the IOF’ deadly siege against the one and a half million people in Gaza, questioning “Where is the Arab voice defending the Palestinian’s rights? It is crucial that conventions be scheduled to discuss measures necessary to defend a nation’s stolen rights just as America is interested in holding conferences to establish a relationship with the Middle East or to consider the future of political Islam. Are we content to be casual bystanders?


Dr. Badie quoted Imam al-Banna “We see with the naked eye that injustice prevails as they are proud of their strength and assured with might and mislead. If he gets excited, Allah seized him with such Penalty as comes from One Exalted in Power, able to carry out His Will as Allah proclaims it over all religion, promised to grant victory to those who are oppressed only by eradicating the roots of evil. Right is solid, deep-rooted and the people of the truth of course are victorious.”


He concluded his message ascertaining that “Islam’s authentic cause  and people’s desire for it, the nobility of its purpose and Allah’s support are the successful factors which confirm that nothing can deter or stand in their way as Allah says “And Allah has full power and control over His affairs; but most of the people do not know.” (Yusuf: 21)