MB Chairman: The Islamic world has awakened to liberate Palestine

MB Chairman: The Islamic world has awakened to liberate Palestine

Badie illustrated enthusiasm stressing that Palestinian victory was near as the Muslim and Arab worlds have begun to realize that the Israeli entity’s strength is merely a farce


 Badie claimed that the Israeli’s so-called strength is drawn from our weaknesses, confirming that the Muslims’ solidarity and unity would without doubt conquer any efforts by the Israelis. The Israeli occupation depends on our weaknesses and uncertainty in addressing the significance of the Palestinian issue and the moral, political financial and military support of Islam’s enemies in the West and some Arab leaders. Without this, the Israeli’s post no threat and this can be overcome simply by restoring our faith and trust in Islam and one another


Palestine has always been the center of global divergence and the nation’s enemies have continued to engage in conflict where, their efforts and their goals are to dislocate the people of Palestine once again from their land


Steps may be taken to defend the Palestinian lands beginning with changing and improving ourselves on an individual level. We must also engage in the relentless pursuit of the unity of the nation and support the youths  in their Islamic Jihad in Palestine


We should publicize the aggression, tyranny and oppression practiced against the Palestinians by explaining the dimensions of the issue to the peoples of the world, and coordinate with all civil society organizations in other nations. It is imperative we establish a media competent in confronting the Israeli entity’s media counterattack


Badie closed his statement emphasizing that sacrifices had to be made for  a triumphant victory in the Palestinian lands