MB chairman: The people no longer trusts the regime

MB chairman: The people no longer trusts the regime

In a statement, the Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie asserted that it was significant that Mubarak resign immediately if there was to be any constructive dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood.

He emphasized the necessity for the abolition of the state of emergency, and the dissolving of both the Shura council and the parliament highlighting that they were both illegitimate institutions who forced their way ignoring the people’s will after forfeiting elections.

Badie stated that the people no longer trust the regime or the ruling party and have had enough of hollow promises and lame speeches asserting that despite promises that there would be freedom of speech thugs have taken to the streets attacking peaceful protestors and raiding press and media headquarters in an effort to intimidate press to prevent coverage. He added the regime imposes only violence and does not understand the concept of mature and civilised dialogue where its only solution to the people’s uprising is violence.

The chairman stressed that the group welcomed dialogue with all political opposition adding that in fact all groups have agreed on uniting in the call for peaceful political reform that would serve Egyptians as a whole asserting that the current uprising is not an Islamic Revolution but an Egyptian People’s revolution that included all Egyptians from all sects, religions and political trends.

Badie ended his statement paying tribute to the resilient protestors and offered condolences to any Egyptians who lost family members to the violence by the regime’s thugs during the protests calling on the protestors to continue in its resilience against the tyrannical dictator and his corrupt regime asserting that the MB do not seek power and have no intention in its agenda in nominating any of its members for presidency or being part of the interim government.