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  • April 23, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Chairman: The Revolution and Challenges of Advancement and Production

MB Chairman: The Revolution and Challenges of Advancement and Production

Popular revolutions have all raised the slogan of “overthrowing the regime” and as this happens it makes one reflect on the next stage which is most significant. The upcoming phase includes developing the community and the advancement of the society. It will take long time, but it is the only guarantee for lifting the society from the abyss in which it was put by the former regime.

Addressing the Muslim Brotherhood members chairman for the group Dr. Mohamed Badie stated that it was necessary to create a new social, economic and political realm based on the initiatives of “self development”, in which citizens are more active, independent and free to participate in building the future of Egypt.

He added the major concern now is not from the counter-revolution, although it is affecting the society, but about enhancing the development. He said “We hope development and production does not stop, furthermore we need citizens who will not be concerned about the material rewards but about feeling the duty to their country”.

Badie ended his weekly statement calling on all to work hard and improve Egypt and to put the interest of the country before the interests of ourselves. He stressed it was imperative we solve our problems and seek the advice and experiences from our scholars and intellectuals and put plans for our work into practice.