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  • January 22, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

MB Chairman: Through peaceful perseverance peace will be attained

MB Chairman: Through peaceful perseverance peace will be attained

In the latest  message by the Muslim Brotherhoods chairman Dr. MOhamed Badie  called on the Muslims to keep the faith and unity and to remain optimistic.

He urged all Muslims  to stand in the face of the oppressors and to be prepared to sacrifice a little today for a brighter future stressing that fear will only result in continued corruption and destruction
The Chairman highlighted that a price has to be paid and that freedom of speech will not be attained unless the people learn to fight for what is rightfully theirs.

Badie maintained that all Muslims should rise and voice their dissent against the widespread corruption and oppression claiming that freedom of speech is not a privelige but a right which should be protected stressing that no ruling authority has the right to deny its people its most basic rights and corruption was typically the result of a people who bowed to the ruler’s tyrannical dictatorship.

He called on both  the Muslim and Arab nations to have pride in itself and to fight the spreading corruption and  injustices stressing that strength was only attainable through unity.

He highlighted that the Arab world experienced dictatorship by its leaders who aim to have full control over every aspect of the nation which clearly resulted in underdevelopment, poverty, unemployment, corruption and hypocrisy. Badie added that the rulers controllled the nations with an iron fist and aimed to break the spirit of the citizens in interfering in such organizations which were meant to be made by the people for the people.

He denounced the  system which bid on its rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer asserting that there will be no reform or changes if the people remain submissive calling on them to stand up and rise in the face of tyranny emphasizing that a successful uprise must be adorned with patience and peace ascertainng that faith and perseverance were the key to success which would ultimately result in a developed and respective nation worthy of Muslims who commit to peaceful and tolerance methods as ordered in Islam.