MB chairman: Time has come for all to unite and work for Egypt’s democracy

MB chairman: Time has come for all to unite and work for Egypt’s democracy

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie stated that the former regime’s efforts to deter the group in working for Egypt’s wellbeing have failed dismally.

During his interview on the satellite channel Al Hayat Badie said that efforts by the ousted government to distort its image and tarnish the group’s reputation using the movement as a bogeyman both in Egypt and abroad were wasted.

The ironic labeling of the ‘banned’ and ‘outlawed’ group was lame considering the group had during the 2005 parliament elections attained 20% of the available seats.

Badie denied there was a rift within the group’s older and younger generation asserting that there were differences of opinion which was necessary for healthy and productive discussion. He highlighted that democracy was what the group was after for Egypt and that it was practiced within the group.

He continued that the media was blowing things out of proportion regarding the MB and there was no need for the pointless fears portrayed. The simple naming of the MB’s  party Freedom and Justice demonstrates that it is what the group wants for all of Egypt regardless of ideological values, religion, political trend or creed.

The MB party which will be independent from the group’s preaching activities is open to each and every Egyptian who supports the party’s agenda and discriminates no group. He maintained that although the group when the time comes will vote for a Muslim male  as president it is committed to respecting the will of the people regardless of the outcome.

Regarding statements made by Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh Badie contended they did not represent the group’s views.

Badie claimed that despite differences in the numerous Islamists groups’ opinions there is no doubt that Islam renounces violence and it is significant that all groups work for the well being and unity of Egypt warning against any division.

He did not agree with comments made by the recently released Aboud Al Zomour who served a prison sentence for his involvement with the assassination of the late President Sadat stressing that he believed he was unsuccessful in his method of discourse. He maintained that it was imperative that there be peaceful dialogue. He added the Egyptians are a civilized and intelligent people and are capable of making up their own minds

Regarding incidents during the referendum, he admitted there were some mistakes by few members of the MB who were eager to encourage the people to vote he added however they did not represent the whole group nor did they claim it was a religious duty to vote yes. He asserted that the same mistake was also made in some of Egypt’s churches who called on Christians to vote ‘no’.

Concerning the forthcoming parliamentary elections, he explained that the group has decided not to field candidates in all the constituencies and they may resort to an alliance with other political forces and a unified list.

Discussions within the group on the presidential elections have not begun since not all potential candidates have announced their intentions or their platforms.

Badie ended his interview stressing that the group is currently focusing on the parliamentary elections scheduled for this coming September.