MB chairman: True victory comes with Patience

MB chairman: True victory comes with Patience

Noting that the Revolution’s success is far from over the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie called on all to defend the People’s Revolution which belonged to all the Egyptians.

In his weekly statement titled ‘Victory with Patience’ Badie stated that the Revolution has not come to an end yet and warned if it was not protected and defended it would be threatened with challenges.

He stressed the true achievement of the Revolution is the struggle against a return to dictatorship and the resistance of the people on this path who had reigned over Egypt for over three decades.

Badie called on all to refuse to conform to lies, cheating and corruption, which were witnessed during the ousted Mubarak’s tight hold and to advocate and promote all which is righteous.

He added it was imperative that all combat and defend the revolution which hopes to end once and for all  the tightening hold on the media and press, the filling up of prisons and the merciless killings and tortures of the innocent opposition, whose only wish was to peacefully obtain what is rightfully theirs.

Badie asserted that the revolution well defended will hopefully restore the people’s freedom and justice as opposed to the wide wave of arrests witnessed before January 25 and carried out in violation to the fundamental rights guaranteed by the laws and the constitution.

He maintained that for the Revolution to reach its full potential a renewal of commitments to the complete eradication of oppression and a renewed awareness to the core values behind the  revolution must be remembered.

During the former regime’s rule Egypt’s prisons were filled with students, professors, researchers and honorable citizens including thousands from the Muslim Brotherhood who were leveled with a host of accusations which were nothing more than pure fabrications.

Badie ended his statement calling on all to defend the revolution and stand strong as all of Egypt will benefit from the Revolution’s final objective which is to build a progressive, independent, free democratic country which belongs to all Egyptians regardless of ideological tendencies, religion, political views, colour or creed; a country he added, which respects the individuality of the human spirit, ideals, thoughts, freedom of speech and expression.