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  • August 7, 2010
  • 8 minutes read

MB chairman: We call for a Civil State with Islamic values

MB chairman: We call for a Civil State with Islamic values

During his interview with the Arabic satellite channel Al-Arabia Tuesday evening, the Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr. Mohamed Badie highlighted that a decision regarding participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections will be determined in the very near future after reviewing the opinions of all national political opposition powers in Egypt

Badie  pointed out that the seven demands for reform advocated by the national forces, through an online petition which has secured close to half a million signatures was launched in an effort to avoid a re-run of the sham which took place in the country’s midterm Shura elections held last June by calling for guarantees regarding elections. The demands included relaxed restrictions on candidates and an equal footing for all in addition to international or judicial supervision and monitoring of elections.  He stressed that any repeat of the Shura’s elections would surely not be met with lightly by the public

The MB leader emphasized that he respected the decision to boycott elections which was made by numerous opposition factions stressing it was a freedom of opinion. He claimed that the MB’s policy advocates participation in all the elections as part of the group’s involvement in the community’s affairs in addition to other activities including charity and the Palestinian cause

Badie denied allegations that the group was supporting Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei in the presidential elections asserting that it was still early for discussion. In all reality the former IAEA has not to date nominated himself for the position. He maintained however that the group supported his call for political reform and constitutional amendments and that the collective work of political opposition resulted in their agreement to the seven demands which were similar to that of the MB which had been  submitted to authorities numerous times


Badie claimed that the current MB’s priorities are in finding and providing guarantees that allow Egyptian citizens to choose who they want as leader in an atmosphere of freedom and democracy

In response to a question about the nomination of the President’s son 47 year old Gamal Mubarak in the forthcoming elections, the MB leader maintained that the MB would not accept him as a potential candidate if he continued to rely on his father for support rather than apply as a candidate on an equal footing as other contenders


He underscored the group’s stance regarding the nomination of women and Copts for president highlighting that it was a decision made after referring to trusted Muslim Scholars who relied on the Sharia Islamic law for decisions. He pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood has always peacefully called for a civil state based on Islamic values approved by the Egyptian constitution, which provides that the Islamic Sharia is the foremost source of the legislation, pointing out that Islam advocated equality for all regardless of race, religion and creed. He asserted that there is no division between religion and state and both were integrated on a similar platform


Regarding being described as a political leader Badie denied that he viewed himself as such preferring to describe himself as at the service of the Muslim Brotherhood open to ideas stressing that the group’s mechanism relied foremost on consultation and unity in decision regardless of personal opinions or advantages in the case of consensus


Badie concluded his interview thanking both the Saudi Arabian and Egyptian authorities who facilitated his travels during the performance of his Omra religious ritual to Mecca, with family He expressed hope that it would be the beginning of an era which would promote civil interaction with all political opposition which would end injustices imposed on innocent men such as the MB deputy Engineer Khairat Al-Shater and his companions who were denied release despite serving half their sentences and are currently serving a harsh prison sentence issued by a military tribunal despite numerous acquittals by a civil court