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  • April 20, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

MB Chairman: We Seek to Participate, not Dominate Elections

MB Chairman: We Seek to Participate, not Dominate Elections

“Participation not domination”, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Badie addressed a crowd in Damanhur reassuring the people that the MB group was from the people ,with the people and for the people. 

During his speech Badie asserted that the MB will maintain its principle including the notion that the movement is an Islamic movement. He hoped now that in light of the newly found freedom the MB will be able to reach its full potential and demonstrate that it is a moderate and tolerant group promoting equality for all regardless of religion, colour and creed while keeping its Islamic identity and integrating moderate Islam in all aspect of life. 

On the Brotherhood’s political party he responded that the MB has had the necessary papers prepared to establish its party however refrained from applying during the reign of the ousted President Mubarak. He added once it was appropriate the MB announced that it would form the Freedom and Justice party which was for all of Egypt to serve all Egyptians, stating that the party would keep its Islamic identity and its agenda was available for all to see. 

He detailed that the party’s founder and co-founders were chosen carefully and included both Muslims and Copts from different governorates. He promised that Egypt would witness a party which practiced politics sophisticatedly similar to the practices of the MB parliamentarians who worked for the interest of the country away from personal interests and benefits. 

Badie explained that the MB will initiate the establishment of institutions specializing in all areas including theater and sports, noting that it has in fact established both medical and educational institutions. He added that the MB has called for the emergence of a TV channel representing  the Brotherhood, called "Egypt 25" and  a MB newspaper.

With regards to the state and the MB outlook Badie reiterated that the MB always has and always will call for a civil state based on Islamic references. 

He ended his address telling the people that the MB will participate in the union elections however no clear decision has been made by the group’s Shura council regarding the parliamentary elections. He asserted however that regarding any elections the MB seeks participation not domination.