• January 24, 2009

MB Chairman: Hamas Gained a Real and Remarkable Victory

MB Chairman: Hamas Gained a Real and Remarkable Victory

MB  Chairman, Mohamed Mahdy Akef, asserted in his weekly message on Hamas’s victory in Gaza strip, how  the Zionists failed to achieve their aims in destroying the Palestinian resistance’s will since they failed in dismounting Hamas or halting rocket-attacks from Gaza or smuggling weapons to resistance forces.

Akef declared that martyrs blood will not go in vain; on the contrary, it paved the way and regained confidence of victory in the hearts of Palestinians and the hearts of resistance. This blood has proven that resistance is the only way to stop this aggression and regain back the plundered rights.

The Chairman added that in spite of all the loss in humans and destructions of land and resources the people will never give up and Hamas will never fall, instead it stood up high in the eyes and the hearts of the Palestinians and both the Arab and Muslim world. The whole world was amazed by Hamas’s resistance against the fourth ranking most powerful army in the world after three weeks of siege on Gaza.


According to the unbalanced strategic powers, standing in the face of these atrocious acts for three weeks is considered a remarkable victory, Akef added. He mentioned that Hamas was the head of the spear in the process of standing in the face of these attacks to defend the Holy land and defend Palestinians people’s right to live a decent life, not only this but also, to defend the nation"s  honor and dignity.

He also demanded Arab governments to reread the situation and to review their strategy and stances from what happened and stand beside the resistance because it is the only way to end the battle against aggression. Though the death toll and martyrs numbers were very high, Hamas would have changed the whole situation if it had the proper defensive arms.

The new generation of Gaza strip will consist of young kids that have seen their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters beings slaughtered in front of their own eyes and so they will be the bravest and most ferocious generation and more understanding to the means of dealing with an enemy that doesn’t listen to any sound but the sound of rockets, he said.

Akef warned against the conspiracy that is being run to stop smuggling arms to resistance in Gaza and preventing them from the only means of defense and warned against the attempt to turn Gaza’s victory into defeat when Israel’s foreign minister held a meeting with the American foreign minister and issued a statement to stop arms from reaching Gaza.

It is so ironic how the leaders gather to stop the arms from reaching the victim that has been assaulted and not stop the aggressor that owns all weapons of mass destruction, let alone all the arms that are violating all international conventions, he added.

Akef implored all nations to be aware of what is being planned against it specially that the siege is still on and the borders are still closed specially Rafah border that is, as Akef considers it, the lungs and the window that the people of Gaza looks from to the world asking for political, national and media support so the blockade would break and the people of Gaza will no longer suffer.

He also called upon people to provide all financial, emotional and political support to rebuild Gaza after those atrocious attacks on the strip.