• MB News
  • March 30, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

MB Chairman: Oppression and Tyranny no longer tolerated in Egypt

MB Chairman: Oppression and Tyranny no longer tolerated in Egypt
“Oppression and tyranny no longer have a presence in Egypt following the fall of Mubarak’s regime”, Dr. Mohamed Badie told female Brotherhood students at Beni Suef, south of Cairo, on Monday, adding “people’s justice, peace and stability will prevail at post-January 25 revolution”.   
The Muslim Brotherhood chairman invited Christians to join the new Freedom and Justice Party, the Brotherhood intends to establish.
Badie said his invitation is intended to be a reassuring message for Egypt’s Copts explaining that the new party will not be a preaching entity; he added that it will organize sports and artistic activities, as well as support the establishment of economic institutions, hospitals and schools.
With regards to the state-owned media’s attempts to link the group’s stances with perceptions of other Islamists, Badie said Egypt’s Salafi movement with its multiple approaches, from the extreme right to extreme left is tainted by some errors.
The MB is striving hard to conduct constructive dialogue encouraging the Muslims to embrace moderate Islam.
He stressed that the Brothers make every effort to unite for the benefit of Egypt, provided that violence is renounced and away from extremism in all its forms.