MB Chairman: We are confident Jihad is the path to liberate Al-Aqsa mosque

MB Chairman: We are confident Jihad is the path to liberate Al-Aqsa mosque

 Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, has ascertained that the Israeli occupation authority’s (IOA) attempts to set fire on the blessed precincts of al-Aqsa Mosque is a continuation of malignant schemes in attempts to realize their dream of building their alleged temple on the ruins of the holy mosque, taking advantage of the disability and passiveness of some Arab and Islamic regimes.

  In his weekly message titled “Jihad is the path to liberate Al-Aqsa”, MB Chairman Mahdi ‘ Akef stated that
the Muslim Brotherhood will continue to diligently advise the entire Muslim nation whether they are rulers, politicians, journalists, intellectuals, scholars, or scientists to do their part for the liberation of the blessed land of Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Brotherhood emphasizes that the Palestinian Cause will reveal the extent of loyalty and faithfulness towards the individuals’ religion and homeland. The

MB is fully confident in Allah’s victory for the Mujahideen.



He stressed that Jihad (Religious resistance) is an obligation imposed upon all Muslims and is not only the duty of the ruling regimes or the Palestinian armed resistance. The term jihad has a broader meaning than combating with weapons.  It is a military, financial, cultural, intellectual, ideological and political struggle and it is the responsibility of each and every Islamic country to determine the role which suits it; through this the whole world will realize that the Islamic Nation’s priority lies in defending Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque.



On another note, the Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood denounced the fierce media campaign led by the media and official bodies with regards to the fabricated allegations by numerous media sources on differences between himself and members of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, asserting that “ Differences of opinion within the Muslim Brotherhood’s ranks are sublime and marked with morals of the religion of Islam in which we are honored to have these sublime teachings. The differences prove the presence of vitality and awareness within the Brotherhood ranks indicating the fallacy of allegations of the MB as being intolerant and narrow-minded individuals. In fact, the “Difference in opinion does not nullify the affection between companions”. Any hearts united in the love of Allah (SWT) and his messenger (PBUH) and in sacrificing their souls for their own community can not be subject to the whims of people and are apt to look past personal disagreements and differences of opinion”.



“Without doubt there are more important issues which rely on facts not fiction in regards to the movement such as the governing regime’s barbaric invasions and raids on the homes of innocent members and the arrests and confiscating of belongings along with the interference in any activities of the group”, he said continuing “it should be better to focus on the shameful practices perpetrated against hundreds of honorable men where their money is confiscated, their children are terrorized. The movements’ members are unfairly and falsely arrested and tried with accusations of assisting the Palestinians and defending the Al-Aqsa Mosque!”


Akef concluded, encouraging  members of the Brotherhood” Persevere in patience and loyalty and strengthen each other,  be firm on principle, take solid positions, advocate sincerity, persist to the sublime approach and mission, fear Allah only and do not be afraid of fear for in it a great blessing”.