• MB News
  • May 9, 2011
  • 7 minutes read

MB Chairman: We Must Rekindle the Spirit of Unity

MB Chairman: We Must Rekindle the Spirit of Unity

Addressing a crowd during the Labour Activists celebration on Sunday, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie highlighted the significance of patriotism and equality.


The chairman condemned the attacks on the ImbabaChurch emphasizing that such actions were ignorant, stressing that Islam denounces violence and terrorism. He stated that since its establishment, the MB has always called for tolerance and peace and that such actions and efforts to promote sedition and sectarian strife were unacceptable.


Badie slammed the attack on the church stating that any attack on any civilians, regardless of religion, color and creed, is a sin and a crime. He maintained that Islam commands Muslims to preserve such places, and rejects such sinful actions on all houses of worship, whether Christian or Muslim.


Badie ended his speech by saying that no true patriotic Egyptian would adopt terrorism which is strange to the values of Egypt and does not reflect the true attitude of Egyptian people. He called for the rekindling of the same spirit illustrated during the revolution where Muslims and Christians stood united, shoulder to shoulder, sacrificing and shedding blood with one common goal; the progress of Egypt.