MB Chairman Calls for Ending Gaza Siege

MB Chairman Calls for Ending Gaza Siege

In his weekly message, MB Chairman, Mohamed Mahdi Akef called upon governments, and Arab and Islamic peoples to act quickly to lift the blockade imposed on the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Akef deplored the Arab and Islamic silence towards what is happening to our brothers in Gaza, at a time when the European voices calling for breaking this unjust siege on Gaza are increasing. The siege has been imposed on Gaza for two years, and for 60 years on all the Palestinian people. He added that the Arab regimes do nothing but stopping the national relief convoys, which led Gaza to plunge into darkness and children to die out of medicine shortage.

He reiterated his appeal to the Egyptian government for a normal opening of the Rafah crossing, and for full exercise of its sovereignty over the crossing in coordination with the Palestinian side without any Zionist interference. He also demanded that the government enables Egyptian, Arab and international relief convoys to perform their duties of aiding Palestinians, work on providing the strip with fuel and electricity, and make the Zionist occupation adhere to its commitments according to the Fourth Geneva Convention.

He also demanded that national and popular forces be allowed to express their stances in peaceful protests and conferences; in addition to ending the provoking propaganda campaign aimed against Palestinian resistance movements, and asserting the unity of the Egyptian and Palestinian peoples. Furthermore, attempts should be made to form an Arab and Islamic coalition for defending the legitimate Palestinian rights and breaking the unfair siege.

He also called upon Arab and Muslim leaders to abide by the Arab League resolution which stipulates calling for lifting Gaza blockade, offering total humanitarian support to the unyielding people of Gaza, adopting the Palestinian cause in the Organization of Islamic Conference, adopting a reconciliation dialog between all the Palestinian factions, and asserting the fact the resistance is a legitimate, national and human right.