MB Chairman Calls On Egyptian People To Continue Protests Against Gaza Holocaust

MB Chairman Calls On Egyptian People To Continue Protests Against Gaza Holocaust

In a press release Monday, MB Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef called on all people around the world, particularly the Egyptian people to continue declaring their solidarity with the people of Gaza. 

Akef also saluted and hailed the Palestinian people in Gaza for their firmness, strong belief, and sacrifices asserting that their bravery and firmness will be the determining factor in defeating this brutal attack which aims at breaking their will, weakening their determination, and ending resistance.

Akef further emphasized the importance of standing in solidarity with Gaza saying, "No doubt that your solidarity with the people of Palestine will support their firmness and encourage and inspire Gaza"s heroes in their confrontation with Israel and journey to freedom, by the will of God."

Akef explained that this massacre is carried out by Israel by means of an international conspiracy with the help of Arab silence, weakness, paralysis, and connivance.

Moreover, Akef called on the Egyptian people to pressure their government to end this brutal aggression against the people of Gaza, lift the siege, open Rafah crossings, alleviate the humanitarian crisis that the people of Gaza are suffering, and sever all forms of diplomatic, political, and economic relations with Israel, as he called on people to continue in their peaceful protests and confront misleading media propagated by Israel.

The MB Chairman in addition to other leaders from the different Egyptian national forces is currently participating in a three-hour mass demonstration that started at noon in front of the Press Syndicate Monday.