• MB News
  • June 8, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

MB Chairman Calls on Factions to Unite and Identify Egypt’s Priorities

MB Chairman Calls on Factions to Unite and Identify Egypt’s Priorities

Repeating the assertion that the Brotherhood will not nominate any member for presidency, Dr. Mohamed Badie spoke in an interview on Egypt’s satellite channel denying that the group manipulates politics and lies.

The MB chairman emphasized that the group has announced it will not field any candidate in the upcoming presidential elections highlighting that any member who bids for the presidency must withdraw his membership and is no longer part of the MB.

He continued that the group to date has not discussed who it will support in the presidential elections since it is too early noting that not all the candidates have submitted nominations and agendas. He stressed that the agendas of all the candidates are to be studied before the MB could decide.

Highlighting that the group’s  current agenda and priorities for the upcoming period  lie in Egypt’s wellbeing, Badie called on all political forces to unite asking the Egyptian people to come together and identify priorities; in an effort to boost renaissance and production.

He maintained that the MB, which has gained broader room for political activity since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak in February, is engaged in revitalizing all its institutions to serve the community. He added the group is a big organizational force due to the popularity it has always enjoyed among the people.

Referring to the revolution’s victims Badie confirmed it was imperative that all responsible be held accountable and all efforts by the remnants from the former regime’s ruling NDP and counter revolutionists to spoil the revolution’s success be stemmed.

Discussing Palestine, Badie stressed that according to the international convention agreements must be respected however he questioned whether it was logical for the Palestinians to continue to be oppressed by the Israeli occupation and remain silent. He called on the Egyptian authorities to keep the Rafah border open for the Palestinians urging them to support the besieged people.

Ending his interview Badie claimed that it was significant that each and every individual contribute to the building of Egypt, to sideline ideological differences and to unite in the initiation and success of Egypt’s reform.