MB Chairman Calls on Unity for Egypt’s Renaissance

MB Chairman Calls on Unity for Egypt’s Renaissance

This week’s message by Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie concentrated on calling on all Egyptians, men, women, adults, and youths from all religions and creeds to celebrate its potential. He urged all to make it stronger, more united and more caring.

Following the revolution Badie stated that Egyptians now have the potential to take their dreams and these unparalleled assets and construct great things claiming that Egypt’s destiny will now be made by its people, not determined by its circumstances.

The chairman asserted that time has come to face up to our responsibilities and keep in mind that Islam tolerates only  peace and encourages development hence it is significant that we all unite  under the banner of a new renaissance.

He maintained that Egypt is undergoing a transitional step and we are responsible for building our future on a solid foundation, adding having regained our denied rights in freedom we are on the road to democracy after overcoming decades of challenges.

It is on this note that he ended his message ascertaining that it is imperative that we seize the chance in improving the lives of all of Egypt’s future generations through unity, sacrifice and good intentions.