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  • May 16, 2007
  • 8 minutes read

MB Chairman Confirms Brotherhood’s Respect To Americans

Mohamed Mahdi Akef, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, lashed out at the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court of upholding the government appeal against the Administrative Court ruling against referring MB leaders to a military court.
He confirmed that this ruling is one more episode of a series of the Egyptian government oppression against the Muslim Brotherhood. He said that this series has been pursued during the last months ant included detentions, referrals to military justice and freezing assets. Describing these actions as criminals, the Muslim Brotherhood chief stressed that they aren’t directed against the Muslim Brotherhood alone, but against all the Egyptian people.
 These statements were delivered during Akef’s interview with “Al-Jazeera At Noon” which was aired today in the afternoon. Akef confirmed that the group won people’s trust and love during 2005 elections. However, he added, the government insists on describing the MB as an “outlawed” group. “How can a a group that has that has its reformist message and program which is based on justice, freedom and respecting human rights, in addition to its high public rating, to be described as an “outlawed??”, wondered Akef.
He expected that the Muslim Brotherhood-government will remain deadlocked unless the regime changes  its aggressive policies against the moderate group.
He ruled out that the Egyptian regime’s escalation is due to the MB’s attitude opposing transferring power from Mubarak to his son Jamal. “The regime’s staunch crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t is due to the MB’s attitude opposing transferring power from Mubarak to his son Jamal, but because it is upon Zionist-US orders for the Muslim Brotherhood’s support to the Palestinian Cause, Palestinians, Hamas and the Lebanese people. This made the regime exert efforts to eradicate it because it works hard to serve the Egyptians as well.
The MB chairman sent a strongly-worded message to the regime, saying:” Isn’t it time for the regime to be up to the responsibility and and respect and seek the interests of the Egyptian people”?
The MB chief declared that he welcomes  constructive criticisms to the group from inside or outside it, pointing out that the group embraces reform and it doesn’t claim perfection and does not reject any criticism.
Asked about the meeting between the chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc and the majority leader in the US Senate after this meeting raised wide criticisms in newspapers, the guide wondered: Isn’t this his responsibility with which he has been shouldered?; it is natural that a member of parliament meets any official?.
“These criticisms are raised by the regime because it doesn’t want any partner in the rule” said Akef, confirming that the Muslim Brotherhood’s attitude towards the US policy is well known: the MB is against this US policy that launched wars and committed genocides in several countries starting from Palestine across Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan, pointing out that the Muslim Brotherhood always seeks truth and justice.
He denied that any closed-door dialogue has ever been held  with the US administration. Akef also rejected holding any possible dialogue with it except through the Egyptian Foreign Ministry out of respect to the regime and the group. However, he said contacts with the American people are pursued through its universities and non- government think tanks.
Asked about the declaration of establishing a party for the Muslim Brotherhood group, the MB chairman explained that the group did not declare its plans for establishing a party; it only declared that it prepared a party program in order to show it to the members of group and the elite of intellectuals and politicians to know their views. He pointed out that a party won’t be established except after the government respects the constitution, and the abolition of the current committee of parties affairs whose neutrality is questioned, presaging an ominous future for any real opposition in the country.

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