MB Chairman Confirms Group Will Take Part in Day of Rage March Despite Threats

MB Chairman Confirms Group Will Take Part in Day of Rage March Despite Threats

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has confirmed that it will partake in the Day of Rage protests scheduled for January 25.

In a statement the group’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie stated that the group’s participation in the march demonstrates its patriotic tendencies stressing that the group has always made a concerted effort to be part of the political arena. He maintained that the group will continue as always  in its call for political reform and constitutional amendments stressing that it is adamant in achieving change through peaceful methods.

Badie highlighted that despite threats by the regime which continues to enforce tyrannical methods it will not be phased. Security personnel have summoned all MB administrative officials nationwide to security headquarters threatening them with arrests, violence and detention if they insist on taking to the streets and participate in the march planned for Tuesday January 25th.

Nevertheless Badie confirmed that the group insists on joining in solidarity with the other political trends demonstrating that the MB will not be intimidated and will never bow to dictatorship and fully rejects the security’s threats instigated by the ruling regime.

Badie asserted the group never has and never will shy away from its patriotic duties stressing that members are well aware of the sacrificies that have to be made in order to reach its goal of political, economic and social reform and stability only through peaceful methods.