• MB News
  • October 9, 2010
  • 2 minutes read

MB chairman confirms group will contest 30% of parliamentary seats

MB chairman confirms group will contest 30% of parliamentary seats

The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie confirmed that the MB Egypt’s largest opposition group, will contest 30 percent of the 518 parliamentary seats in next month’s parliamentary elections.

The group is expected to field up to 190 candidates running as independents and will announce its final nominee list in a few weeks’ time. The Muslim Brotherhood in each governorate will give details of the candidates that will enter the elections, according to their local conditions, in line with the decision made by the group’s Shura Council.

Badie asserted that the group hopes to increase its stake in parliament from the current 20 per cent level. In 2005 it won 88 out of 454 seats in parliament, its best ever electoral result.

During the press conference held earlier today, Badie called on the government to ensure fair balloting and integrity during the elections asserting that anything less would ultimately cast a shadow on the 2011 presidential vote.

The chairman concluded his announcement extending his sincerest thanks, appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the Brothers to the members of the current MB parliamentary bloc who have been excluded from the new MB nomination list for the upcoming elections.