MB Chairman Congratulates Newly Formed Freedom and Justic Party (FJP)

MB Chairman Congratulates Newly Formed Freedom and Justic Party (FJP)

The Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie expressed his pleasure with the acceptance of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party.

Congratulating its President Dr. Mohamed Morsy and Copt VP Dr. Rafiq Habib Badie reminded them of the responsibilities ahead.


Stressing that much commitment is needed for the FJP to become a growing force in national politics, Badie claimed hard work and focus is necessary.


He stated that he appreciated the hard work and commitment by the party’s founders to make this historical moment possible adding that after 80 years of oppression since the MB’s founding, its party is now a legal entity.


Badie called on the FJP members to channel their energies in advocating a civil state based on Islamic references which will guarantee the freedoms and justices Islam promotes.

He attributed this historical moment to the People’s Revolution which succeeded in ousting the former President Mubarak adding that Egypt’s glory will be restored so long as all unite and demonstrate solidarity setting aside ideological and political differences.