• MB News
  • January 25, 2010
  • 1 minute read

MB chairman conveys with Labor Party leaders.

MB chairman conveys with Labor Party leaders.

Dr Mohamed Badie met with members of the Labor Party earlier today in his office. During the meeting, both sides held talks in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.

In recent years, bilateral relations have witnessed great progress and both sides have conducted fruitful cooperation bringing benefits to Egypt with their combined efforts

Labor leader Mahfouz Azzam extended warm wishes to the MB chairman and the movement wishing them continued prosperity and long-term development in Egypt in particular and both the Arab and Muslim worlds in general.

Members of the guidance bureau were present during the meeting in addition to representatives of the Labor Party including Salah Abdul Metaal, Abdul Hamid Barakat, Eng. Omar Azzam and Amer Abdul Monem.