MB Chairman Demands International Supervision of Elections

MB Chairman Demands International Supervision of Elections

MB Chairman, Dr Mohamed Badie, called for international supervision by the United Nations of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

In his TV interview with Al-Jazeera channel, he stated that the Egyptian people are not less than any other country which gained its rights and changed its tyrannical regimes; pointing out that Article 76, of the Egyptian Constitution is a huge shame and insult to Egypt.

Badie noted that the MB refuse to shed the blood of any Egyptian, pointing out that the regime is responsible for any bloodshed in Egypt and that it should respect the law and refrain from protecting thugs. He also affirmed that the MB totally rejects the inheritance of the presidential role and that they would not run for presidency.

He explained that the Egyptian regime does not respect the law as 14 MB members received 14 court decisions to stop elections in all constituencies in Alexandria without this being implemented so far.

Badie affirmed that the MB has chosen the path of elections to bring about peaceful change and will not choose a different path despite the violations. He also stressed that the MB will not withdraw from the elections and that state institutions must work to achieve free and transparent elections due to its importance in the history of Egypt.