MB Chairman Dr Badie calls on leaders to support Resistance

MB Chairman Dr Badie calls on leaders to support Resistance

 In his weekly statement titled “When will rulers realize their full duty and serve their nation?” he emphasised that for Islam’s glory to be restored it had to be fought for and resistance against all that opposed and threatened Islam is the only solution

The chairman addressed the rulers to not let down their people’s expectations stressing that they the people are looking to them to reinstate Islam’s glory. He reminded them of former events in history of rulers who abandoned the righteous path and whose leadership ended in wrath. 

Badie expressed that it was imperative that the Arab rulers annul any futile negotiations both direct and indirect, and support all forms of resistance to liberate every inch of occupied lands in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He also called on them to support the NGO and institutions who appealed on the leaders to stop the normalization, and support the resistance.

Badie advised rulers to allow the people to express their anger against the arrogance of the Israeli occupational forces throughout their peaceful protests warning them that the suppression and continued arrests will only result in further anger. He denounced the continued daily arbitrary arrests of people from all walks of life who united to voice their anger against the desecration of Islam’s holy sites.

Badie called on the leaders to be as one with their people to support their quest, to work for the interest of their respective nations and not for their personal security and welfare. He cautioned them not to be drawn into the sugar coated utterances of Obama which proved only to be words reminding them of the American troops which are continued to be deployed in Arab and Muslim lands including Iraq and Afghanistan.    

The chairman concluded his weekly statement citing the just ruler Umar Ibn al-Khattab who claimed that “The level of contentment and happiness of a ruler may be measured by the contentment and happiness of the people he governs hence the level of misery and ill content may also be measured”. Through this the extent of interaction between people and rulers may also be assessed.
Badie called on the one and a half billion Muslims to unite and combat together in resistance against the American and Israeli hegemony and the handful of arrogant Israelis who are tampering with the sacred and holy places which should be acknowledged and attributed worldwide as belonging to the Muslims