MB Chairman explains MB motto

MB Chairman explains MB motto

MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie issued a statement regarding the Brotherhood’s motto 

"Islam is the solution" is a slogan we have taken upon ourselves with full force during the election campaign. It refers to the Brotherhood’s electoral program and we carefully detail and explain it

Islam is not a man-made religion, but a religion revealed and inspired by the Almighty Allah who created the soul and knows what every soul hides

The creed, ethics and transactions are the basic fundamentals of the Islamic Sacred Law (Sharia) whilst allowing room for multiple views (Ijtihad) in its secondary regulations. Neither holiness nor infallibility for human beings has been taken into consideration in Islam regardless of people’s status or degree of their religious, governmental or presidential responsibility

"Islam is the solution is not meant to confuse, or alter  primary regulations with variable matters or to change the  norms and values This, refutes the claims of those who allegedly say that Brotherhood members are autocrats who refuse to accept  advice  launching attacks against those who disagree with them. These allegations are incorrect they neither intimidate nor force Muslims or non-Muslims aiming to turn them aside from the right path

It is here that Islamophobia sets in. Islamophobia means that whenever issues concerning the imposing of Islamic law as a comprehensive course covering all aspects of life; the prescribed Punishments , comes to our minds, such as cutting off of the hands of thieves, and the stoning of an adulterer to death. This is due to the deliberate distortion of Islam’s image on one hand and the erroneous enforcement of the Islamic laws on the other

"Sadly, this is how westerners perceive the Islamic law", Badie said, adding "This is not true in fact Islam is a religion of peace, mercy and tolerance and does not encourage or tolerate terrorism"

The Teachings of Islam instill in the soul love of the noble values and constant virtues. Humans are servants created by Allah our Lord to restore the universe not destroy it.

Enjoying the good and forbidding the evil is the society’s fortified fence in order to protect man from himself and temptation of Satan (devil). This is the sense of belonging to a society that is keen on the safety and wellbeing of all

Islam imposes the law which stipulates the inviolability of blood, money, honor, and dignity of man deeming it as sacred as the sanctity of the holy land of Mecca . It is a divine restriction issued by Allah for all humanity Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Muslims, Christians and Jews, lived in peace, and justice through the mercy of Islam

Another significant issue which the Islamic law calls for is choosing a righteous leader to serve. It is neither a political nor sovereign act, but an act of worship to select righteous leaders. To choose corrupt leaders where priority is given to personal interests over national ones ensures the survival of only corruption and corrupters

Examples in Egypt of protected corrupters fleeing abroad after stealing billion of pounds serve only certain individuals interested in investing in Egypt from the spread of corruption within the Egyptian government.  In fact, the large amounts of money stolen can help overcome many problems and solve many of the country’s crises

Contrary to this is the fact that righteous people are prevented from assuming such responsibilities as education where tens of thousands were referred to administrative offices although courts had ruled on the invalidity of the unfair resolutions. Islamist youths are unjustly detained without reason. Tens and even hundreds of acquittal decisions issued in favor of the MB political prisoners are defied. In addition to the number of many innocent prisoners of conscience who died in prisons. All this could be avoided if the just Islamic law was imposed

Socio-economic projects which contributed to solving many of the unemployment problems have been confiscated by the government despite being purely voluntary efforts under the pretext that its owners belong to the Muslim Brotherhood bloc. We beseech authorities to open the gates of social, political, economical, and religious freedom

Badie concluded his message, asserting that "Islam’s law can be applied to any global issue regardless of religion, colour or nationality and the only solution is to adhere to the Islamic law hence the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto "Islam is the solution"