MB Chairman in an interview to refute reservations

MB Chairman in an interview to refute reservations

  – The Muslim Brotherhood adheres to Shura and I support those who encourage the reform of regulations.

 – The committee supervising the Brotherhood’s elections are trustworthy members.

We will act in accordance with the regulation until it is modified by experts

 I ask skeptics to reconsider their stance.


Speculation is over, and the Brotherhood has accomplished the election task on hand as it became imperative for officials to disclose details, refute suspicions and present details.

 The most important questions of concern currently preoccupying the public opinion were raised by Ikhwanweb to Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood. We conducted a genuine, open and transparent dialogue with Akef despite his views that the movement’s affairs concern only the movement and its’ privacy should be respected by the public.

Ikhwanonline: Today was the chairman’s first meeting with the newly-elected members of the Executive Office, what were your first words to them? 

Akef: I assured them that the Brotherhood enjoys large popularity and will continue to do so as our   honesty and devotion to God are the basis of our sublime mission. I warned them not to pay attention to any biased opposition. The Muslim Brotherhood and its institutions will continue to flourish providing it adheres to Shura with regards to its internal affairs.


I explained the need for precision in understanding our political standpoint and our two major key issues. We firmly believe in the Palestinian cause and will not deviate from it, even if it involves opposing the whole world. We also believe it necessary to confront tyranny in all its forms.

 I emphasized that they will be the new hope for the nation and its’ well-being. The Movement is the working force behind the overall development and progress in society. We depend on Islam and its’ laws for our legitimacy. There is no doubt that we carry a heavy burden and needs to exert much effort as the future depends on our movement.


I highlighted the need to open our hearts and minds and work together with harmony of interest, permanence, fidelity. You must depend on consultation with one another in all political actions and trust in Allah, whom worship.


 Ikhwanweb: Recently it was rumored that some people questioned the procedures that took place during the Guidance Bureau elections as depending on alliances? What is your opinion on this?

Akef: I would prefer not to engage in such matters which may become a focus of controversy and distract us from our ultimate goal, however my answer to all these fabricated lies against the Brotherhood is that each movement has its system and their elections are conducted in accordance with the provisions of its rules and regulations; it is solely the business of the movement and its members. I refuse to say that there are alliances; we are dealing with men with great status and have a distinguished history. It is not appropriate to describe them with inadequate descriptions. I believe that such allegations are an attempt to tarnish the Brotherhood’s image since what happens to some affects us all.


Ikhwanonline: What were the preparations made to form a committee chaired by you to oversee the elections? 

Akef: All members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were elected are the country’s most important this is guarantee that they are above any suspicion. They are members of the Shura Council, and I am personally satisfied with the conducting of the electoral process with these procedures. It is not acceptable to betray our country to satisfy any individual whoever he may be.


IkhwanonlineThere are some members from the movement who questioned the integrity and validity of the election results what is your response to this?


Akef: They must fear Allah, and not get caught up in gossip as any movement has the inherent right in all actions. They owe the movement their allegiance and the movement’s basic principle is that all individuals have our trust; it is unacceptable to question the integrity of each other. Whoever mistrusts the credibility and honesty of their Brothers should reconsider himself and fear his Lord; because he has therefore missed an integral element of Allegiance, we must promote constructive dialogue as it is not acceptable to blindly accuse people.

Ikhwanonline: In light of these successive incidents, how do you perceive the movement’s future?

Akef: The movement’s future is bright; Allah willing, because it is based on stable foundations with an orthodox approach. The movement has solid and deep-rooted values and boasts a long history in the service of Islam and Muslims. The movement adopts the nation’s thorny issues possessing a clear agenda for the nation’s progress, carrying the message of Allah, and the call for his religion and sacrifice for the sake of sublimity in all strength. The honest men and women love God and His Messenger and this is the real energy that makes the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ikhwanonline: There are people who are now asking for the amending of the regulations governing the movement. Do you think they have crossed the movement’s red line?

 Akef: We have no red lines, and the movement’s amendment of its regulation is welcome, we encourage and advocate it. The Brotherhood’s movement has in fact already begun to reconsider the current regulations. I pray to Allah Almighty that it will be completed soon, however, I want to underscore, our full commitment to regulation. These differences should not affect our love for each other, regulations have been prepared in order to facilitate the work and, not as a prelude to division.

Ikhwanonline: Some political analysts view that the differences that took place after, the MB Executive Bureau’s election will cause the movement to withdraw into itself reducing its popularity in society?

Akef: I am not in favor of those who assume controversial issues as the Movement is committed to the Shura and respects it.  The movement relies only on the political work of some certain persons not the movement’s entire structure. Imam Hassan al-Banna, founder of the movement, may Allah’s mercy be upon him died and it was through the group’s insistence that they continued to exist. The movement’s existence does not depend on any one person, whoever and whatever his political weight is. The holistic understanding of Islam prevents them from retreat as the sublime mission is to actively work for the pubic in all areas for the benefit of the nation seeking Allah’s pleasure. The Brotherhood aspires to adhere to faith in God, patience and hard work

 Ikhwanonline: Do you think that the ongoing negative media campaign against the Brotherhood may negatively affect the movement’s unity?


Akef: Men, women and youth of the Movement and even the younger generation are well aware of the conspiracies being plotted against them. Brothers, “Love for your brother what you love for yourself” as this is one of the most crucial issues and the most important pillars of Islam and we must act according to what pleases God guided by the Holy Quran especially the Quranic verse “So pass over (Their faults), and ask for ((Allah)’s) forgiveness for them; and consult them in affairs (of moment). Then, when thou hast taken a decision put thy trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him)” (Al ‘Imran: 159).

 Remember our Movement is not something separate and apart from ordinary life. It is life – life of every kind viewed from the standpoint of meaning and purpose: life lived in the fuller awareness of its human quality and spiritual significance. Continue with your efforts and perform your best for the sake of Allah. Fear Allah in sorrow and in joy. He is with you and will not leave you and He will fulfill your demands.