MB chairman launches initiative to engage in dialogue with Coptic youth

MB chairman launches initiative to engage in dialogue with Coptic youth

Following an amiable phone call between Pope Shenouda and the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie where he thanked him for his telegraph Badie launched an initiative to engage in dialogue with Coptic youths.

According to Badie the upcoming period is significant to all Egyptians regardless of ideological differences. He stated that the upcoming era will require everyone’s cooperation, confirming he enjoyed a good relationship with bishops from Beni Suef where he grew up.

Although the church had rejected the amendments, which the group had encouraged which leave intact an article designating Islam as Egypt’s national religion, the MB stressed that the group supports calls for guarantees that all Egyptians will enjoy equal rights and full citizenship.

Coptic intellectual Rafiq Habib welcomed the initiative noting that the MB demonstrated willingness to provide reassurance to the Copts and remove any misgivings which came about by pressure exerted by the deposed Mubarak, his regime and the state security apparatus.

According to Habib the Islamic law protects the rights of Christians and defends them, allowing them to practice their religion respecting the freedom of worship. Habib argued that those opposing article II are erroneous in their belief that the Copts’ status will be endangered.