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  • December 31, 2010
  • 3 minutes read

MB Chairman Sends Best Wishes to all Copts and Christians Worldwide

MB Chairman Sends Best Wishes to all Copts and Christians Worldwide

The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie extended his warmest wishes to the Copts in Egypt and around the world for the celebrations of Christmas, 2010.

The relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Copts has been amiable where history records the Muslim Brotherhood as perceiving the Copts as part of the  nation; a nation which is one in unity encompassing all those who acknowledge its political authority, and appreciates in its intellectual literature the attitude of the moderate jurisprudence towards the non-Muslims and the privileges and legal rights that were granted to minorities. The Muslim Brotherhood has acknowledged that its religious awakening, as an identity and cultural project, is not against the Copts nor has it ever given wealth to the majority and neglected the minority.

History witnesses  that the MB has never tried to marginalize the Copts’ political activities in ruling institutions  where the relationship between the Copts and the Muslim Brotherhood in the general aspects of life has always been an example of toleration and appreciation.

According to the group’s founder, Imam Hassan El-Banna:

"Islam cares most of all about the human bondage between all members of the human race. It also came with mercy from Allah our Lord to all humanity, and prohibits assault, even in cases of anger and enmity. Furthermore, Islam recommends reverence among all citizens even if their creeds and religions differ, and treating the People of the Book with kindness; as they have the same rights that we have, and carry the same obligations. We, the members of the Muslim Brotherhood,  recognize that we do not call for ethnic discrimination, or sectarian fanaticism.

It is with this ideology that El-Banna and the followers of his MB movement defined a bond of brotherhood for the entire Islamic nation that is comprised of various creeds, languages, and religions, where they firmly believe that non-Muslims are part of this nation and that the non-Muslim minority in this country believe they will find equality, peace, and justice under the shade of our religion even if its teachings are not included in their creed.
The MB has followed, is following and will always  adhere to the principle that Islam respects the general bond between all humans, as it came to spread virtue, resist vice, and respect all ideals.