MB Chairman thanks press for attending and covering conference.

MB Chairman thanks press for attending and covering conference.

Dr Mohamed Badie expresses thanks to the journalists and media who were present at the press conference, which was held Saturday, January 16, for participating and covering the significant event of his coming into office as the new Muslim Brotherhood Chairman.


Badie gives his appreciation noting that honest and transparent journalism is a responsibility, which is difficult to undertake however, he praises the attempts made by the press and media despite numerous efforts to thwart the true and untarnished picture of events. He conveys his apology to the inappropriate premises in which the conference was held stressing that former plans were made to hold the conference in a larger hall in one of the finer hotels however, security banned them hence his admiration of the press in their insistence on being present to cover the event.


The Chairman stresses his desires and optimism that journalists, reporters and members of the press, may continue their amiable relationship with the Brotherhood so that accurate facts may be presented to the public directly from the correct sources.


He concludes his statement by also expressing his gratitude to the presenters and organizers of news and talk shows of the various satellite channels who were interested in covering the event and honestly presenting it to the public.



January 17, 2010.