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  • July 13, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Chairman Urges Egyptians to Unite Behind SCAF

MB Chairman Urges Egyptians to Unite Behind SCAF

“Freedom comes at a cost”, it was on this note that Dr. Mohamed Badie the Muslim Brotherhood chairman spoke on Tuesday to a crowd of over 30,000 in Sharqeya, reminding the people that men and women sacrificed their lives to help bring freedom to the nation. He claimed that sacrifices needed to be made and it is necessary that this is remembered so that the revolution is not lost.

Badie stated that the top­pling of Mubarak had enabled the Egyptian people to experience the deep meaning of freedom for the first time. The corrupt political regime that gov­erned and oppressed the country for a long time has been removed and the hoped-for democracy is nearer than at any time in history he said. He called for the reviving of the  features of the revolution where its inclusiveness and its totally Egyptian character was evident where Muslims, Christians, and different political trends  could be found intermingling with one another, all chanting Egyptian slogans. He asserted it was imperative that the people united as one with the SCAF which had made this revolution possible by protecting the people.

Badie assured the people that calls for a civil state based on Islamic references should not be feared especially as it guarantees the basic freedom of rights of all people regardless of ideological and religious differences. He gave tribute to the Azhar Institute which was underrated by the former regime which had worked on diminishing its role as an Islamic reference worldwide.

Guest speakers who attended the rally included, Dr. Mohyee Hamed from the Executive Bureau, and the Sharqeya city governor who acknowledged the significant role the MB had played in the community despite decades of oppression in the success of the revolution and its presence in the political arena.