MB chairman urges nation to oppose rigging during elections

MB chairman urges nation to oppose rigging during elections

Badie called on the Islamic nations and the Arab initiative to hold on to  their rights and restore any they have been denied. He highlighted that it was imperative that usurped rights be restored from the grip of the tyrants and safe guarded from oppressors. He asserted that each individual is born with a right to peaceful coexistence, basic personal freedoms and the opportunity to lead a productive life stressing, it is not a privilege it is a right. Badie maintained that nobody may rob what has been granted to all beings expressing that nobody had the right to rig the will of a nation through inappropriate means ranging from obstructing campaigns and assaulting candidates to bribing voters.

Badie compared the elections asserting that free countries bowed to the whims of the nation demonstrating true democracy. He added that the truly elected leaders in these free and democratic states worked hard to achieve the people’s trust hence following through with promises made is of the highest priorities. Contrary to this are the corrupt leaders who continue to fight for power and struggle against the nation ignoring promises since there is no one to hold them responsible.

Badie ascertained that the infringement of the Constitution, aiming at keeping the ruling party in power, referring to the amendment to article 76, which resulted in  not only monopolizing the will of the voters, but complete disregard to the principle of equal opportunities, and preventing  people from expressing opinion, would only result in poor economic and social conditions. The spread of despair and recourse to violence will also carry on if these illegitimate measures continue.

The MB chairman commended the African Americans who stood in the face of racism and discrimination which prevailed in the United States  during the 1960’s highlighting that their insistence to defend their rights as equal human beings and their adamant stance is what has made it possible today that an African American be the US leader and President. Badie maintained that rights were achieved since the necessary actions were practiced, respected and adhered to with the firm belief that a right delayed is a right denied.  

He concluded his message underscoring that political freedom is a significant branch in Islam since it demonstrates the individuals’ freedom of speech and the nation’s freedom to choose its leader. The leader in Islam may also be held accountable proving that if the people are not content and satisfied with the leader they may peacefully choose another.  Islam simply offers people the right to choose their leader, hold him accountable and substitute if proven inefficient and incompetent.