MB concludes 2 day conference; chooses party leader

MB concludes 2 day conference; chooses party leader

Following a two day conference the Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura council revealed decisions made in their first historical meeting in 16 years.

Numerous issues were discussed, including the future of the newly formed Freedom and Justice Party, and its role on Egypt ‘s political arena.

While confirming it will run for up to 50% of the parliamentary seats the group confirmed former reiterations that it will not field any candidates for the presidential elections. However no decisions have been made as to whom they will support as president.

The conference ended with the group choosing Dr. Mohamed Morsy, as the leader for the newly formed Justice and Freedom Party and Dr. Essam Al-Erian as its deputy. Dr. Saad Ketatny is to be secretary general for the party. All three are to leave their current positions in the group’s Executive Bureau.

Although no decisions have been made as to whether it will form coalitions with other political forces the Brotherhood is working with other political groups to establish a vision for Egypt ’s political future.

Ketatny explained that once the party is launched its decisions will be its own, deeming it a separate entity, although the two will coordinate their efforts.

The MB confirmed that the party will include members from all walks of Egyptian life, and will include Copts. The Freedom and Justice Party will be a civil party with an Islamic reference, which fits all the stipulations of Egyptian law and the constitution.

Morsy maintained that the MB is an Islamic entity whose platform includes political work that will be reflected in the work of the political party.