MB condemned the heinous crime which terrorized Pakistan today

MB condemned the heinous crime which terrorized Pakistan today

The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the heinous crime which terrorized Pakistan today and took the life of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto during an election rally. Mr. Ibrahim Mounir, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and member of its Executive Council described the assassination of Benazir Bhutto as a major blow to democracy and setback for reform in Pakistan.Mr. Ibrahim Mounir called on all Pakistanis and political leaders to unite during this critical time to root out all forms of terrorism from their country and protect its security and preserve its integrity. 

The Muslim Brotherhood offered its deepest condolences to the people of Pakistan and called on its president to restore order and stability which was shattered by its oppressive actions against the political opposition and clampdown on civil liberties in Pakistan and his use of the military to settle old political scores and ensure his firm grip on power.  Oppression and injustice will breed violence and terrorism, therefore, we call on world leaders to pressure the Pakistani regime to abandon its dictatorial practices and allow its citizens the peaceful right to oppose their government and express their opinions and enjoy fair and transparent elections.

The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirm its commitment to the democratic system and strongly condemn the use of violence and terror to impose ideology or install a government.  We support  the people of Pakistan in their struggle against tyranny and terrorism , and we pray for the day when all our people can enjoy freedom and prosperity.

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