MB Condemns Deadly Bombs In Algeria And Morocco

MB Condemns Deadly Bombs In Algeria And Morocco

The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement strongly condemning the terrorist attacks in both Algeria and Morocco which claimed the lives of a number of innocent civilians.

Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef offered his condolences to the officials in both countries and families of the victims who either lost their lives or were injured by these criminal acts.

“The Muslim Brotherhood received with deepest sadness and concern the news of the criminal bombings in Algeria and Casablanca which killed and injured tens of innocents”

“The Muslim Brotherhood condemns such acts, which contradict with the noble teachings of Islam, and we renew our complete rejection of all forms of violence, killing and destruction which surely do not serve the interests of our nation but only aid its enemies”

“The Muslim Brotherhood strongly believe that real and constructive dialogue must be the only way to resolve any grievances among citizens of the same country, and that peaceful change must be the basis for any reform”