• December 27, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

MB Condemns Ethiopian Invasion of Somalia

MB Condemns Ethiopian Invasion of Somalia

The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement condemning the invasion of Somalia by Ethiopian forces, calling for an immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops out of Somali territories. The Muslim Brotherhood called on Arabs and Muslims to provide material and moral support to the Somali people during their fight to defend their lands. The statement also called on the Arab League and United Nations to shoulder their responsibilities and protect a sovereign country against the aggression of neighboring country. The followings are excerpts of the statement, which was signed by Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Aggressions have afflicted Somalia, that war-torn country whose citizens are dying of hunger, draught, poverty and diseases; Somalia is a country hit by a civil war for decades and reached such a state due to the corrupt, dictatorial and authoritarian regime of Siad Berri; when this regime was toppled, all the country followed it to be a prey to warlords, and looting and killing gangs, a natural product of dictatorships in all countries towards peoples.

When the Islamic Courts eradicated the warlords and provided some kind of security to sections of people, and the goodwill mediators started to reconciliate between them and the Somali interim government, overt and covert schemes supported by the Zio-American plans refuel sedition through inciting Ethiopia to invade Somalia with its huge army to eradicate the Islamic courts, this is happening now, under regional and international deliberate silence, although the United Nations Charter incriminates a country’s military aggression against another country.

Thus, after Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan, comes the aggression against Somalia and we do not know who will be next after that under the policy of the New Middle East.

While we condemn this criminal aggression against Somalia and its people, we demand the Arab countries and the Arab League to be up to their responsibilities for stopping this aggression and making Ethiopian forces withdraw from Somalia- which is an Arab League member state- and call the Security Council for issuing an immediate resolution regarding this.

Also, we demand providing the Somali people with all material, political and moral means to confront this aggression.

Also, we call on all Somali factions and government to solve their problems within framework of a peaceful negotiation between them, without resorting to any foreign power or to be loyal to major powers that want to dominate and control the Arab or Islamic peoples and their destinies.

Also, Islamic countries and peoples should support the Somali people to get out of their ordeal and establish their free and national country and government.

Mohamed Mahdi Akef
The Muslim Brotherhood Chairman
Cairo on: 5 Dhu’l-Hijjah 1427 Hijri
   26 December 2006 AD