• April 29, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

MB Condemns Police Assaults on Its Parliament Members

MB Condemns Police Assaults on Its Parliament Members

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc issued a statement today condemning assaults by police on its parliament members during demonstrations yesterday in Cairo.

Dr. Mohamed Al Katatni, head of the MB parliamentary bloc, announced the bloc will submit an expedited  motion for a no confidence vote-which requires the signature of 5% of PMs-to remove the Interior Minister from his post after holding him personally responsible for the excessive use of force by police against Egyptians and their elected representatives, and for his ministry’s failure to protect the security of the country after recent terrorist attacks and sectarian violence. 

The statement described the government’s handling of the peaceful demonstrations yesterday “an ugly attempt to silence the opposition and a flagrant attack on the judiciary and legislative powers which will lead the country into a dark path” according the statement.

Several MB parliament members joined thousands of demonstrators yesterday in Cairo and several Egyptian cities protesting the government’s campaign against reformist judges. Police sealed off the High Court building in central Cairo and blocked entries to the building to prevent citizens from showing their support to Judges Hisham Bastawisi and Mahmoud Mikki during their appearance before the disciplinary council yesterday. Police assaulted parliament members trying to enter the court building despite presenting their proper Parliament IDs and wearing their badges.