• MB News
  • April 3, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB condemns the demolition of shrines

MB condemns the demolition of shrines

Dr. Abdel Rahman Al Barr from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau criticized recent actions by some members of the Salafist groups who engaged in destroying shrines in Egypt.

According to Al Barr the Muslim Brotherhood opposed such actions which only contributed to increasing discord among Muslims. Al Barr said that insight was necessary in such a situation and those who destroyed the shrines failed to deliver this insight.

He highlighted that the shrines have existed for centuries and people should be more concerned with the development of state institutions rather than busying themselves with the destruction of shrines.

Al Barr stressed that such practice raised sedition; pointing out that those who were involved in performing  such practices may have been driven and secretly supported by remnants from the ousted regime in an effort to downplay the revolution’s significance and to thwart the gains of its success.

He claimed that although the shrines did not represent any religious value it was obligatory to at least respect the sacredness of those who have long died and are buried.