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  • April 9, 2011
  • 5 minutes read

MB confirms the people and the army are united

MB confirms the people and the army are united
As an effort to counter attempts against the revolution’s opposition the Muslim Brotherhood has been strongly involved with other political factions, and youth movements in reviving the revolution’s calls the most recent being on Friday April 8 labeled as the Friday of Cleansing.

Numerous cases have been reported by what have been described as remnants of the former ruling party trying to downplay the successes of the revolution and cause strife on the street. 

It is on this note that the MB expresses its appreciation and gratitude to the army which remained throughout the revolution and beyond, neutral, caring foremost for the people of Egypt demonstrating keenness for a peaceful transition of power and responding to the publics’ demands which included mainly the dismantling of the state security apparatus and the dissolving of parliament and the municipal councils and the trying of a number of senior officials from the former regime

The Muslim Brotherhood believes in the military believing it is the best guarantor of keeping the country safe internally and externally. It has faith that the military is the best solution throughout the transfer of power to the people, especially with the absence of important institutions such as the police force and the parliament, necessary to keep the people in order.

The MB condemns any conspiracy to weaken this relationship between the people and the army. It criticizes those who fail to realize the efforts made by the military to protect the people.

The MB understands the frustration of the people and although we appreciate the role played by the great army, as well as actions undertaken by the Council of the Armed Forces; we emphasize that there are many people’s demands that have not been realized so far.

It calls however on the people and all political forces that succeeded formerly to unite during the revolution, regardless of ideological differences to ensure the success of the revolution to unite again to and to protect the revolution.