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  • May 25, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

MB Confirms Will Not Participate in May 27, Protest

MB Confirms Will Not Participate in May 27, Protest

Observing calls for a second revolutionary march on May 27, the Muslim Brotherhood is viewing with great concern the events.

Describing the call as avoidable the group stresses it is necessary the people’s anger be channeled towards building the nation stressing the armed forces under the leadership of the Supreme Council are working on responding to the legitimate demands of the people and protecting the revolution. The MB praised their efforts in working on a smooth transition of power.

Referring to calls for changing the referendum the MB stressed that the ballot boxes in March, illustrated that a majority voted in favour, after unprecedented free and fair elections were held therefore a second revolution will only waste energies.

The MB calls on the political forces to unite and take part in ensuring the country’s safety to prepare for parliamentary elections and respecting the will of the people.

The MB warns that the second revolution may cause unnecessary sedition and strife which in turn may trigger unnecessary clashes. Instead it appeals to the people to sideline unimportant issues, ignore efforts by remnants of the regime and continue in protecting the achievements, of the historical revolution which succeeded in toppling a corrupt leader and his regime.