MB Criticises Decision to Release Mubarak’s Wife

MB Criticises Decision to Release Mubarak’s Wife

The Muslim Brotherhood criticized the decision by authorities to release Suzanne Mubarak, the wife of ousted President Hosni Mubarak, on bail after she relinquished her assets to the government. Seventy year old Suzanne and her husband Mubarak are facing allegations of illegally acquiring wealth and corruption.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb MB leader and member of the Youth Revolution Coalition Dr. Mohamed Beltagy stressed that it was unacceptable. Suzanne was the latest of tens of senior officials from the former Mubarak government and political leadership detained by prosecutors in a drive to fulfil the demands of the Egyptian Revolution to root out corruption and punish those responsible.

Beltagy also denounced the release of Mubarak’s aide Zachariah Azmy claiming that while the MB does not call for military tribunals or the death penalty it demands that those guilty be tried, held accountable and punished.

He added only through these trials will the revolution have reached its goals by restoring the rights to the people.

With regards to the calls on the social networking site on  Facebook for a Million Man March on May 27, Beltagy stated that the youths call was an attempt to illustrate to the SCAF that the Egyptians are adamant in protecting the revolution and will settle for nothing less.