MB Criticized On Handling Al Azhar Students’ Case

Columinist Mahmoud Soltan at Al-Masryoon online magazine criticized the Muslim Brotherhood leaders for mishandling Al Azhar students’ case. The Muslim Brotherhood stated from the begining of the crisis its disapproval of the students actions during the parade but also believed that the incident was blown out of proportion by the state controlled media and government’s agencies for political gains. It is unfair to The Muslim Brotherhood leadership stood behind Al Azhar students who were subject to arrests and harrasments by the government and vowed to defend their rights. A team of lawyers was dispatched to represent the students in case if the government take them to court.

When I heard the series of apologies presented by the Muslim
Brotherhood leaders, and some of its members of parliament, over the “childish”  performance that the MB students presented on December 11,2006 at Al-Azhar University, I was confident at that time, that a political decision will
be issued within hours for the security services to prey on the victim after setting the scene that began on “Al-Masri Al-Yom” newspaper and its preparations were resumed in the security vetted newspapers, to reach its peak with the Muslim Brotherhood’s apologetic statements.!

I didn’t want to write about this topic, but my dear friend and great intellectual, Dr. Rafik Habib, wrote about it bitterly the day before yesterday in the editorial of “Al-Mesryoon” newspaper.

Nearly twenty years ago, I read about the so called “futurism” from a Moroccan intellectual called Mohamed Abed Al Gabri; I remembered this while I was following up the MB officials reactions towards the “childish” harassment that they faced, and their weakness towards a silly  crisis which was expected since the editor-in-chief of ” Al-Masri Al-Yom”
wrote an article, in which he suggested introducing an additional text in the constitution to ban the Muslim Brotherhood from participating in the presidential and public elections in Egypt!; then came the fabricated crisis of “the veil”; when the first failed due to professional considerations, political and intellectual weight, and the patriotic history, and the second failed after the fast and sudden withdrawal of the
MB chairman from the “battlefield”, the group should have realized and expected that there will be a third step to entrap it and perhaps it may be from the same source, and that the third trap will be as silly as the previous ones naively prepared by the government, traps which can’t deceive even a 19th century clown!

The security vented media managed easily to frighten and terrorize the wisemen of the MB group!; their panic was surprising to a great extent; while the young inexperienced students were courageously confident that the Muslim Brotherhood leadership will not fail or abandon them, their
leaders – under the feeling of shock and panic – were easily arrested one after the other, and were sent at dawn on central security cars, to where the fierce tortures of the merciless security members are awaiting them, with those apologetic statements, that were considered- according to the regime- an official recognition from the Muslim Brotherhood that they are “guilty”! the result was very natural; it is taken for granted in the traditions of regimes that the guilty ” is punished
regardless of his apology; the conflict here is not between two families in the Egyptian countryside, over “a buffalo” or “a sheep”; it is actually a sharp political and big
conflict: a conflict over a great country like Egypt!

Now, there are- in the regime prisons- about 200 students mostly belong to Tops college, specially the Faculty of medicine, and the Mid year term exams are approaching; we can’t blame only “Al-Masry Al-Yom” that guided the State Security police as it was the first to publish the
sportive performance news; we blame also the MuslimBrotherhood leaders who gage unconsciously official justifications for arresting them, when they appeared on satellite channels, and apologized!

I have received letters and statements for collecting a memo of signatories demanding ” Al-Masry Al-Yom” to apologize; I think that a similar memo should be directed to the MB leaders demanding them to apologize as well, not to the regime as they did, but to the students whom they handed over unconsciously to the security headquarters, acompanied by ” the evidence” a statement bearing the slogan “the two swords and the Quran”.
Finally, I whisper in the ears of the MB group and say: Learn from the Culture Minister… Did he apologize?!

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