MB Defense: Excluding MB Detainees from Amnesty is Unconstitutional

MB Defense: Excluding MB Detainees from Amnesty is Unconstitutional

Defense panel of MB leaders who received prison sentences in the latest military tribunal has filed a contest against the president”s decision to exclude jailed MBs from his decision no. 200 of 2008 to amnesty some sentenced prisoners during the 56th anniversary of July 23 revolution.

The panel has asked the court to swiftly halt the contested decision and the relevant consequences; and immediately release the contesters as well as executing the rulings with their draft without notice.

The panel has emphasized in the contest memo that the president”s decision deprives them of the right of equality and that the decision was biased and against articles 40, 8, 68, and 73 of the Egyptian constitution stipulating equality between the civilians in rights and duties, equal opportunities for all civilians, and that the president of the republic should be keen on ensuring the unity of the people, respecting the constitution, sovereignty of law, and protecting national unity.

Defense stressed that excluding the contesters from the presidential amnesty indicates clear abuse of power and unjust executive authority that works against the public interest.

The memo added that the state security charges filed against the contesters are not at all the same; those who are devoted to certain thought of reform are different from those who carry weapons. Further, terror crimes are listed along with that of news and rumors though having punishments starting with 50 pounds fine.

“How come the killers, bribers, and drug dealers be treated like reformists,” Adel Maksoud told Ikhwanweb.