MB Defense Challenges Military Verdicts

MB Defense Challenges Military Verdicts

Defense panel of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders who received jail sentences in the military tribunal in case no. 2 of 2007 decided on Monday to file a challenge before the Higher Court for Military Contests, the panel said in a press release.


The lawyers said they will not forget the historical ruling passed by the Administrative Judiciary Court that annulled the President”s decision to refer the convicted to the military court.


The panel emphasized that the rulings passed against MB leaders have been for political reasons rather than legal ones.


“Verdicts are against the Egyptian laws and constitution. Politics overruled justice, laws, and judicial rulings; however we are confident that this tyranny will never last under fair civil judges.”


The panel called on the civil society and all national forces to unite in advocating for judicial independence and canceling unconstitutional provisions that allow for the civilians to be trialed by exceptional military courts that violate the conditions of a fair trial.


“There should be an organized mechanism for cooperation between civil society institutions and political parties to be able to coordinate efforts, stances, and resources,” they added.