MB Defense Panel to Hold Press Conference at Bar Association

The defense team of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders transferred to the military tribunal will hold a press conference on Monday in the Egyptian bar association at 2.00PA at noon.
Sobhi Saleh, a member of the MB defence team and a member parliament, said representatives of the defence team, and civil and human rights organizations, along with foreign human rights activists will attend this press conference.
Asked about the target of the press conference, Saleh confirms that it aims at clarifying that the very fact of referral to military tribunals is illegitimate and is violating the simplest legal and constitutional rights for ordinary citizen .
Sunday’s military court session against 33 MB leaders was attended by a Ramsey Clark, the ex-US Attorney General who is interested in Islamic affairs, Ivan Lawrence the ex adviser of the queen of England, and UK journalist and human rights activist Yvonne Rideley.
Noteworthy, forty Muslim Brotherhood leaders, professionals, business moguls and university professors were transferred to the military tribunal although they were granted many acquittals from the civilian and competent courts.