MB Defense Team Criticizes Military Court’s Violations

MB Defense Team Criticizes Military Court’s Violations

The defence team of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders transferred to the military tribunal issued a statement in which it lashed out at the violations committed against the forty Muslim Brotherhood leaders:

The following is the text of the statement:

In another round of the confrontation, repression and intimedation practiced by the regime against political oposition, the military court against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders has been established in a flagrant violation to constitution and law. It started with fake investigations, unjustified detentions, closing businesses without any legal foundation, an illegal referral to the military tribunal which has dealt a deathblow to all established legal procedures and constants, including denying citizens the right to stand trial before a natural judge, in contravention to article 68 of the constitution and related international covenants, lacking any legal basis for this as the Supreme Constitutional Court issued a ruling against pursuing the trial until it issues a ruling on the authority of referring to the military tribunal. These violations included also the military court”s refusal to see any claim of dismissing it, in addition to stealing the sequestered items of the case, forging arrest warrants, the mandate of the financial committee whose work, despite its conclusions, flagrantly violated the money laundry law, ending with dismissing the money laundry charge against the accused.

Add to this what was reached during the trial sessions, including the illegality of all investigations, arrests, searches and freezing of assets plus the illegality of the testimonies of all the so called prosecution witnesses, making the military court amend the bill of indictment through dropping charges of terrorism and money laundry.

Those optimistic among us were expecting the military court to reverse our previous accusations, that it is controlled by the executive authority and that its judges can be demoted and promoted, and issue a ruling of releasing all detainees specially after their innocence was proved during the trial sessions.

Adjourning the session came as a proof that the trial is politically motivated, that the actions which are currently taken are fully divorced from the fake claims and circumstances according to which civilians were referred to the military court.

The current incidents confirm again that protecting Egyptians” freedom and dignity and respecting people”s rights are absent from the calculations of the ruling regime.

To the freemen facing trial before the military tribunal, these days which you are spending behind bars lay the groundwork for a better future of this nation. Your days behind bars are a price for the freedom of generations that will reject injustice of tyrants.

History will always remember your persistence and struggle for this nation and the coming generations will remember you with pride after you granted them human rights and freedom.

The defence team of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders before the military trial