MB Demands Egypt to Reopen Rafah Crossing to Aid Palestinians in Gaza

MB Demands Egypt to Reopen Rafah Crossing to Aid Palestinians in Gaza

 MB has issued a statement on the recent deteriorations in Gaza Strip after the Israeli occupation forces’ military operation that led to dozens of Palestinian martyrs.
"Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have experienced unfair siege in the awake of the legislative elections that ended with Hamas sweeping victory. The conditions worsened after confrontations between Hamas and Fath Movements.

Siege has been tightened over Palestinians in Gaza to make them rebel against Hamas and, therefore, oust it to abandon resisting the Zionist occupation and let the Palestinians under the fires of the Zionists who deprive them of their legal rights and basic sustenance. Unfortunately, tyrant international forces and the majority of Arab regimes participated in this siege that made nearly 1,500,000 Palestinians on the verge of death from hunger, coldness, and diseases, as well as dying, consequently, they were forced to break into Rafah border- crossing seeking the help of their Egyptians brothers.

 Despite poverty, the Egyptians did justice to Gazans and provided them with necessary food and medicines. The Egyptian government cooperated with its people at the beginning, but closed the crossing again, built a segregating wall on the borders with Gaza, intensifying security presence at the borders area, besieged the Movement through the crossing, and began a media campaign and formal statements were released saying that opening the border- crossing threatens the Egyptian sovereignty and against the international agreements organizing the crossings opening. There are wide-spread rumors that Hamas wants to seize parts of Sinai and export its problems to Egypt .

This campaign targeted at eliminating the popular sympathy with the Palestinians and visualizing them as enemies who act against Egypt, however the media wants to describe the Americans and the Zionists are allies in an attempt of memory erasure and overturning the facts and standards.

            We should remember the following facts:

The Zionist entity was built on the Arab Muslim Palestine through racist occupation targets at the expelling all Palestinians out of their lands.
The Zionist entity is a dogmatic expansionist entity targeting at the establishment of a Zionist state from the Nile to the Euphrates then hegemony over all fundamentals of the region.

The Zionist entity is a terrorist aggressive entity that harmed all surrounding Arab countries, to the extent that it threatened Tunisia and threatened of destroying the High Dam to sink Egypt . Recently, it threatens Iran !
The Zionist entity is well- armed with fatal weapons; including weapons of mass destruction.

Since its establishment, the Zionist entity has been the main reason of all wars in the region; consequently, the region lost its security and stability that led to its economic and developmental weakness and backwardness due to huge sums spent on defense.

The Zionist entity and its ally-America-are fragmentizing the region and stirring unrest and disputes between the political forces within a country.
Despite signing peace treaties between such an entity and the Arab countries, the Zionist entity still violates the countries’ secrets through agents and spies.

Recently, the humanitarian tragedy is being repeated in Gaza ; the Gazans are besieged and about to explode again. According to religions, nationalism, national security, and human feelings, all Arab and Muslims; especially the Egyptians due to geographical link, should save the Palestinians from the risks of death, especially under such miserable conditions; a western watchdog stated that they live under miserable conditions that are worse than the ever worst prison in the world.

We call the Egyptian government to tower above political disputes and respond to the duty necessities and the popular will to stop the blockade through opening Rafah border- crossing to allow flow of aid to Palestinians.