• October 27, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

MB Denies Involvement In The Somali Cab Drivers Controversy

MB Denies Involvement In The Somali Cab Drivers Controversy

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) completely denied any involvement in the current dispute caused by a group of Somali Muslim cab drivers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, U.S.A, who are refusing to pick up passengers carrying alcoholic beverages claiming that Islam prohibits them from driving passengers with Alcohol.

Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, affirmed that Muslim Brotherhood has nothing to do whatsoever with what these Muslim cab drivers believe or view mistakenly as religious decree. Dr. Habib Said “Muslims must respect and comply with the laws and regulations of the countries they live in and be a good example for their fellow citizens” .

Several organizations and media outlets in the U.S, driven by their own hatred towards the Muslim Brotherhood, have been engaging in a smear campaign and trying disparately to link the Muslim Brotherhood to the current controversy, which the MB has nothing to do with.

These laughable and despicable reports have capitalized on the controversy they helped to create in the first place and frantically panicked about what they called  “the Muslim Brotherhood project to islamize the U.S by imposing the Sharia Law on Americans”, which is utterly ridiculous.

The Muslim Brotherhood views and opinions can only be obtained through its official channels and should not be held responsible for other individuals or entities that might try to associate themselves with the group.

The Muslim Brotherhood follows and promotes a moderate interpretation of Islam, and do not condone radical views. In the contrary, the MB has been always a staunch advocate of tolerance and coexistence among Muslims and people of other religions or cultures.